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French at the top : a comparative method between French and English


French at the Top is a comparative method between French and English for a speed, easy and successful learning for all English-speakers. I have developed a suffixal comparison between French and English languages to help you easily expand your vocabulary. With my method with suffixes, from your native language, you can create French words in a minute without hassle.

My E-book is intended to help you learn, memorize, create and review French words:

•  The list contains over 500 commonly used French words that can be created from the English words

•  Recommended as additional support material to any French language course

•  Meets the need of each learner, from beginners to advanced learners

•  Convenient for daily use

•  Words are arranged according to their suffixes and listed alphabetically

•  Exercises of application to convert theoretical knowledge into practical skills


•  Content is presented in three parts

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